Jessica Diaz-Hurtado is a Colombian-Salvadoran trilingual multimedia storyteller and creative. As a writer, editor, documentary photographer, video and audio producer, she’s constantly curious to tell nuanced stories. Her work has been published with Remezcla, Latina Magazine, mitu, NPR, and WAMU. 

From producing documentaries in South America to reporting around the U.S., she’s committed in telling stories of how marginalized communities use art and culture to empower themselves. She was a 2016-17 NPR Kroc Fellow in Washington D.C. where she reported and produced stories on music, entrepreneurship, cultural production, transnational identity, race and gender. As part of NPR Dallas' KERA, she reported on a team series tackling gentrification in West Dallas, winning  a Texas AP Broadcaster Award for Best Investigative Report and  two Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for Best New Series and Best Continuing Coverage.

Currently, she’s a documentary producer with Newsy focusing on humanistic storytelling. She also helps edit She Shreds Magazine, a platform focused on women musicians. Occasionally she co-hosts on NPR's Alt.Latino covering Latinx music and cultura. And of course, she’s a writer everywhere.

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