Cuenticos en Movimiento is an audio-visual storytelling project highlighting Colombia’s socioeconomic development, culture and media focusing on the areas of Medellin and the Colombian Caribbean coast. I created this multimedia project between 2015-2016, when I lived in Colombia. 



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memoria barrial

MEDELLIN, Colombia-Memory in Medellin, Colombia is a theme during times of war and violence.

Remembering our loved ones, our past and the history that has affected Colombia’s social and cultural development.

This is Gloria’s story in Moravia.

Gloria is from the generation right after Colombia’s “La Violencia” occurred, a battle between the Conservatives and Liberals in the 1950s leading up to 300,000 deaths and up to one million people displaced. Her father was a Liberal whose life was threatened, and her family was displaced from Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca. She was part of a wave of internally displaced groups of people  who settled in Moravia escaping violence. As the community starts to grow with this displaced population and begins to settle in the late 1970s, the city literally tries to kick them out through dumping trash where they live. The juxtaposition of trash and a rebirthing of a community is a common theme in the neighborhood. The community was creatively reimagining themselves and their identity while the government was forcibly displacing an already displaced group. Gloria saw this bud of beauty amongst the rubble and dump of Moravia and with a group of leaders, the idea of a cultural center was born. With violence, government and paramilitaries working against the livelihood of this community, creativity and organizing was their survival. The pieces talks on the cultural center and how it has helped the community.

Vokaribe: el radio del barrio

VoKaribe is community radio station exploring cultural citizenship through music and journalism as a way to connect over 70 multicultural neighborhoods of the Southwestside of Barranquilla. Intended to act as an alternative radio station, VoKaribe also aims tomake marginalized communities visible in that region through media. Their mission is to build constructive communication between the local and global scenes through creative radio programming with rich and critical content.

Mara, Negra en Medellin

Mara, Negra en Medellin

Mara, an artist based in Medellin, spoke with me on what it meant to be Negra, a black woman in Medellin, Colombia.