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Fighting Back With Poetry, Flowers And Songs | Art&Seek

Welcome to the Art&Seek Artist Spotlight. Every Thursday, here and on KERA FM, we'll explore the personal journey of a different North Texas creative. As it grows, this site,, will eventually paint a collective portrait of our artistic community. Check out all the artists we've profiled.

In North Texas, Lowrider Community Combats Cultural Stereotypes With Family, Tradition

With their candy-colored paint, intricate designs and hydraulic bounce, lowriders stand out in North Texas. But the cars can attract negative attention, too. An organization of lowrider enthusiasts in Dallas-Fort Worth is working to combat the stereotypes associated with the thriving culture.

As West Dallas Residents Face Uncertain Future, Some Focus On Faith

There's a little patch of West Dallas called Gilbert-Emory. It's only about six blocks, and it's in the shadow of some of the new apartments and townhomes being built next to Singleton Boulevard. And in that little neighborhood, there are four to five tiny churches.

A Lifelong West Dallas Resident Is Staying Until She's Forced To Leave

In one West Dallas neighborhood, hundreds of families have been facing deadlines for months to move out of their houses. They rent inexpensive homes from a company called HMK Ltd. After getting eviction notices last fall, many of the 305 families in the neighborhood left.

Allegations Of Voter Fraud Delay Results In Dallas City Council District 6 Race

In West Dallas, concerns over alleged voter fraud have delayed the results of the District 6 seat on the City Council. A runoff is likely.

'Before I'm Trans, I'm Black': Dallas Event Aims To Empower Black Transgender Community

Texas legislators are considering Senate Bill 6, the so-called bathroom bill -- it would require transgender people to use the bathroom in schools and government buildings that matches the sex on their birth certificate. The bill is on the minds of those gathering in Dallas this week for the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference.

In Their Own Words: West Dallas Residents Forced To Leave

In West Dallas, new development and tougher city housing standards have forced 300 families living in HMK Ltd. homes to move out by June 3. These families pay as little as $300 a month in rent homes. The company says it it can't afford to fix up the houses to meet city code with rent that low.

DMA Reaches Out With Mexico Exhibit; Latino Families Respond

With its current exhibition, México 1900-1950: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, and the Avant-Garde, the Dallas Museum of Art delves into 50 remarkable years of Mexican art, 50 years of paintings, sculptures, prints, films and murals that visually defined much of modern Mexico. "Mexico 1900-1950" is on view until mid-July.

Here Are 5 Fascinating Things About The New Stained Glass Window At This Dallas Church

As part of its $28 million expansion plan, the Church of the Incarnation in Uptown Dallas recently installed a 19-foot stained glass window that traveled across the ocean from the Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass Studios in the United Kingdom. The glistening electric blue background of window catches the eyes of the congregation.

WAMU, Washington D.C.

Despite Local Government Support, Minority-Owned Medical Marijuana Businesses Are Sparse | WAMU

It's complicated for medical marijuana entrepreneurs to get a license to sell cannabis in the District. It's particularly difficult for people of color trying to get into the industry to find financial backing.

Empowering Women, One Meetup At A Time | WAMU

Girl Power Meetups, a space where young women can come together, share art and create meaningful relationships, are growing as women look to make connections.

Latin America News Dispatch, 2015

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